Quickcam Messenger & Communicate driver for Linux

It's now possible to use the Quickcam Messenger Camera for Linux!

/Christian Magnusson (mag@mag.cx)

Here are some information about the driver:

Updated! qc-usb-messenger-1.7.tar.gz (2007-09-02) is the source code for the Quickcam Messenger linux-driver.
gspy-0.1.7-messenger.tar.gz is a modified version of gspy-0.1.7. Changes in the picture-format and window-size.
mpeg_encodeWithPNG_1.tar.gz is a mpeg-encoder. (needed by gspy if you want to create a mpeg-movie from all pictures)

There are newer Quickcam Messenger cameras available today, but I don't have any possibility possibility to buy and try them them without any financial help. If you want me to add support for them, please make a donation:

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