My uClinux project (and WRT54G router)

This is my webpages with some information about my project to read temperature sensors with my MCF5206eC3 evaluation board.
I have a temperature sensor evaluation kit DS1701K (pdf), which I use for collecting values from temperature sensors and build graphs.
OWFS is used to read the 1-wire devices.
I have made some patches to owfs and fuse that makes it possible to compile them for embedded systems.

It includes:

Other devices connected to the network:

My hardware
Reboot sequence (2.6.9-uc0 kernel)
Compiler version

Picture on MCF5206eC3
Picture on LCD-display
Picture on MCF5206eC3 and WRT54G

I have posted some questions to uClibc and uClinux-dev mailinglists to get some help with the memory leak. (This is fixed now)

Mailing lists:
Some of the source-code I had to port to uClinux are:

Some of the patches and sources could be found here.